Physical Planning

The Department of Lands and Surveys through its Physical Planning Section (PPS) accepts and vets all applications for land subdivision/consolidation. Once applications are vetted, they are submitted to the Land Subdivision and Utilization Authority (The Authority) for recommendation. The PPS has the following responsibilities in reference to subdivision applications:

  1. Accepts applications for land subdivision and reviews them to ensure completeness and adherence to subdivision design requirements in accordance with these guidelines
  2. Opens a file for each subdivision application; each file is assigned an application number and is recorded in an application and index book lodged in the office of the PPS
  3. Forwards applications to the Commissioner of Lands for subdivisions which fall under Sections 18(a) or 18(b) of The Act
  4. Prepares an agenda for each monthly meeting where applications are to be reviewed
  5. Processes files according to the recommendations of The Authority after the monthly meeting
  6. Prepares correspondences to inform applicants of conditions for recommendation by The Authority and/or the approval/refusal of the subdivision application.