FAQ – Physical Planning

Physical Planning – Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How long does the process take?

The guidelines for the processing of applications for subdivision and for the utilization of the 66 ft. reserve and seabed both estimate that applications may take approximately 2 months for processing.

2.      What is the status of my application?

 Upon submission of an application it is sent through a variety of work queues to fulfill different requirements, hence this reply will vary  based on the location of a file within the Working queues and the functionality of the said Work Queue.

3.      Who is responsible for approving my application?

The Minister of the Ministry Of Natural Resources is responsible for approving all applications for subdivision and for the utilization of the 66 ft. reserve and/or seabed.

4.      How often is the LUA meeting scheduled?

The LUA meeting is usually held monthly, typically on the last Thursday of the month. The Authority schedules the date of the next meeting at the end of each session.

5.      Does my application need to be reviewed by the LUA?

All proposed subdivisions that result in more than 3 proposed parcels are required to be reviewed by the LUA.

6.      What do you mean by processing?

This question is in line with or similar of that as question number two(2).

7.      Are there any fees associated with the application?

Ans: There are absolutely no charges associated with the submission of an application or the processing of a file at the Physical Planning Section.

8.      What to do after approval is granted?

The next step will be determined depending on the stage of approval .

  • After receiving provisional approval which is the first step, the Approval Letter along with a certified copy of the approved proposed plan shall be taken to the Mapping section whereby the proposed plan would be registered and given an entry number (This is the survey that is done).
  • With the received survey (The Registered Proposed Plan)  the application for Final approval may occur. When Final approval is obtained, the approval letter is then submitted to the Land Registry and Titles Unit for the opening of separate land accounts.
  • As it relates to the application for the Utilization of the 66ft reserve, after an inspection is done, and consideration is given, there is the issuance of a Fee letter, and after which a receipt is provided  to the section, upon receipt a license is created and issued to the applicant.