National Hydrological Service (NHS)


The National Hydrological Service is the sole entity responsible for the sustainable management of water resources to meet the economic, environmental and social needs of Belize.


The purpose of the National Hydrological Service is to enforce the policy of the Government for the orderly and coordinated management, development and use, conservation and protection of our water resources to provide a safe, adequate and reliable supply for the present and future generations of Belizeans.

What do we do?

The National Hydrological Service (NHS), a Government Unit in the Ministry of Natural Resources, has the responsibility of gathering and assessing hydrological and water resources information for the country of Belize and issuing Permission to Drill (Groundwater) and Water abstraction Licenses. 

The NHS is also responsible for enforcing the water policy of the Government for the orderly and coordinated development and use of Belize’s water resources, to conserve and protect such resources for the benefit of present and future generations of Belizeans, and to provide the Belizean public with a safe, adequate and reliable supply of water.”

Hydrological monitoring in Belize began in

                        · 1965 with the agricultural assessment of the Belize River Valley agricultural potential by the British Overseas   Development Agency.

                        · This assessment was expanded to include the Toledo Lowlands by the Toledo Research & Development Project (TRDP).


 1.) To collect data on the quantity, quality and variability of Belize’s natural water resources.

 2.) To provide Hydrological Investigations for engineering and other water resources projects such as:

                              · Urban & rural water supply

                              · Irrigation & drainage for agriculture

                              · Hydro-electricity

                              · Bridges

                              · Highway drainage

  3.) To create publications of hydrological & water resources information for the benefit of water users.

  4.) To advise government on watershed management, environmental concerns and disasters such as:

                              · Floods

                              · Droughts

                              · Water pollution

    5.) Coordinate the Development of the National Water Master Plan, National Water Safety Plan and Vulnerability profile.

   6.) Coordinate the Development of the National Water Quality Control Plan


Applications lodged at National Hydrological Service (attached)

                – Water Abstraction License Application (Link to the application)

                – Water Abstraction License Renewal Application (link to the application)

                – Permission to Drill a Well (Link to the application)

(4) Staff – Comprises of Public Officers hired through the Ministry of the Public Service:

                                i. Principal Hydrologist (Head of Unit) – principal.hydrologist@naturalresources.gov.bz

                                ii. Data Analyst – hydro.analyst@naturalresources.gov.bz

                                iii. Hydrological Technicians and Clerk – hydrology@naturalresources.gov.bz

 General Technicians undergo probationary training by Senior Staff.  Senior Technicians are trained at the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology & Hydrology in Barbados.  

  A group of part time observers are also employed to supplement hydrological observations at field stations countrywide.



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Vacancies available:

Data management Officer