National Estate Section

The National Estate Section has the responsibility of, among other things, managing the records of all national lands including those that may have been exchanged or otherwise acquired by the government while executing the provisions of the National Lands Act. Forest Reserves, National Parks and areas granted are not managed by the section. The functions of the National Estate Section include:

  1. Updating and maintaining all national land records
  2. Synchronizing the main office with the district offices for the processing of the following application types:
    • Application to lease national land
    • Application to transfer lease
    • Application to purchase
    • Application for lease certificates
    • Application for land certificates
    • Application for lease fiat
    • Application for grant fiat
    • Permission to mortgage
    • Permission to Survey
    • Renewal of Lease
  3. Processing of
    • Termination of lease
    • Surrender of lease
    • Forfeiture of lease
    • Intention to cancel
    • Lease by Virtue – Mutation
  4. Investigating land- related disputes/ allegations/ concerns and carry out land inspections.

Note: All applicants must be 18 years or older to apply